The complexity of airport technology means that a complete system can’t be provided by a single supplier. So we manage our integration with your PA system, your AODB, and even your FIDS, BIDS, mobile apps and more.

When it comes to delivering up-to-the-second information to passengers, numerous systems and tools must be integrated into a single accurate, controlled topology. So a crucial part of any procurement decision is always: will it work with our other systems?

With AviaVox comes peace of mind, because we’ve got it covered. Not only do we provide integration with your AODB and PA system as standard, but we have all of the skills, knowledge and expertise you need to act as your information integrator. We bring all stakeholders and technologies together to deliver the optimum solution: rapidly, reliably, and with maximum ease of installation and operation. And that means considerable savings in cost and time for both for airports and airlines.

Key AviaVox / Airport Integrations

We can also make our data available to third-party programs and applications. For example, we can integrate with a live video feed used to manage passenger flow. So if your feed shows too many people in Customs Area A, it can automatically trigger an AviaVox announcement asking passengers to also begin using Customs Area B.

We know that we’re just one link in a complex chain. So our systems have been designed to integrate with your existing airport technology infrastructure. When it comes to CUTE/MUSE, we have a certified application for Collins Aerospace, SITA, RESA and many others. We can even interface to legacy and obsolete systems.

For new airports, or airports looking to install new technology, we can bring in carefully selected technology partners and integration providers to handle all your needs and deliver the highest level of integration possible.

Over your local area networks, your Wi-Fi and the internet, AviaVox systems integrate with:

As standard

  • Your airport’s public address (PA) system
  • Your airport operational database (AODB)

On request

  • Your flight information display system (FIDS)
  • Your baggage information display system (BIDS)
  • Mobile apps providing detailed journey information (with personalised push notifications)
  • Information kiosks providing automated passenger flight information and wayfinding
  • Telephony switches (PABX)
  • Anything else – we can almost certainly do the integration, so please just ask!

Key Integrations Between AviaVox And Your Airport Systems

Integration with your PA system

Our AVX-8 speech synthesizer provides a digital interface to your airport’s LAN and directly into the PA system (regardless of type or brand). We hold certified digital interfaces with many PA providers such as Bosch, AV-Digital, Honeywell and TOA. We can also do ‘specials’ to make any other interface work – including hard-wiring interfaces to obsolete PA systems.

Integration with your FIDS

Your flight information display system (FIDS) holds the most accurate, up-to-date information for passengers. So we can integrate in real time with your FIDS, ensuring passengers get the very latest information so that confusion and anxiety are reduced to a minimum. This includes our FIDS Export, which automatically displays all PA announcements as text on the FIDS.

Integration with your AODB

By integrating with your airport operational database (AODB), passengers get fast, accurate flight and safety information including gate changes, delays and cancellations. Adverse weather, volcanic eruptions, pandemics and security events can all lead to rapidly evolving flight information, plus the need to broadcast very particular security and health & safety announcements.

Integration with your BIDS

By integrating with your baggage information display system (BIDS), we can help resolve passenger confusion over where to collect their baggage. For safety, this helps to prevent passenger bottlenecks or sudden movements of large numbers of people within the baggage reclaim hall. Up-to-the moment changes as to the relevant baggage carousel are broadcast automatically.

Want To Know More About Integrating Aviavox With Your Airport Systems?

Merijn Bosma

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