What We Do

AviaVox is the world’s leading provider of automated, intelligent passenger announcement systems for airports and airlines.

Airports And Airlines Specify AviaVox

Across your terminals and at your gates, AviaVox’s automated, intelligent passenger announcement systems let you deliver just the right information to the right people at the right moment – in over 35 languages and dialects. That’s why our customers include over 150 airlines and 60 airports ranging in capacity from 100,000 to over 80 million passengers per year, from Milan to Mumbai and Melbourne.

Using digital speech fragments taken from donor voices, our announcement quality is exceptionally high and can’t be distinguished from the human voice. Flight data comes directly from the AODB, and the system can integrate with the FIDS and even the baggage information display system, mobile apps, information kiosks, PABX, and loop systems. It takes milliseconds for flight-related changes to be converted to passenger announcements in the required language/s.

AviaVox Announcement Types

Announcements can be automatically or manually generated:

  • Operations – flight announcements, passenger throughput, missing passengers, boarding procedures, last-minute changes, baggage collection.
  • Security – including liquids, unattended baggage, and immigration and customs procedures.
  • Safety – such as evacuations, fire alerts, lost children, COVID, and illegal taxi-drivers.

AviaVox Will Improve Your:

  • on-time performance
  • passenger throughput
  • passenger experience
  • passenger revenue
  • employee productivity
  • regulatory compliance
  • risk management
  • airport soundscape
  • total cost of ownership

Improve Your Business Performance, Not Just Your Announcements

When you deploy AviaVox systems, you’ll find everything about your airport or airline just works more smoothly. Operations are smoother, passenger flow improves, revenues go up and costs go down.

We Improve Business Operations

AviaVox increases throughput at customs, security and at the gate, so more passengers make their flight (avoiding the unloading of luggage), flights depart on time, and onward connections aren’t missed. Airlines meet their departure slots and gate allocations, with shorter gate occupancy and faster aircraft turnaround times. Airport and airline reputations improve, and more passengers make their own choices about transit airports.

We Improve Profitability

Smoother operations and greater efficiency mean less costly troubleshooting. Fewer information desks and gate agents are needed, and higher gate efficiency leads to greater capacity, reducing or postponing infrastructure investment. Improved compliance (company, insurance, regulatory and legislative) means less admin and fewer fines. Better-informed passengers are more relaxed, and can spend more time in shops, bars and restaurants.

We Improve The Passenger Journey

Our announcements help passengers to make their flights, and to know what to do – so they feel more in control. This reduces stress and frees them up to enjoy retail and hospitality. They board in the right order, following instructions. Our PA calls are clear and free from factual error, poor pronunciation, hesitation, stammering, and flat delivery. Sudden changes (eg gate numbers) are automatically generated, so passengers get the information in time.

We Improve Employee Productivity

We reduce agent stress and free them up to do other essential work. Automated PA calls mean staff don’t need to know everything about a flight, and language fluency and difficult passenger names are no longer a problem (however, there’s still the ability to make live, manual calls). Agents don’t have to repeatedly answer the same questions, and there are fewer angry passengers and complaints to deal with.

We Help To Create Silent Airports

‘Silent’ airports reduce stress for everyone. We help to eliminate excessive PA calls, providing passengers with only the information they need to hear. So the right types of announcements can be played for the right passengers, in the right zones, in the right languages, at the right time.

We Make Integration Easy

AviaVox systems integrate with virtually any other software and hardware in any airport, since we use both digital and analogue interfaces. For existing systems, we fit right in – even with legacy hardware. For new systems, we can bring in our integration partners worldwide. What’s more, we shoulder all the hassle for you.

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