Airline Gate Client (AGC) – at the departure gates

Improve your boarding efficiency by up to 14%, and free up gate agents for other tasks. AviaVox AGC’s automated boarding announcements are used by over 130 airlines worldwide.

Enjoy faster boarding and enhanced passenger care

AviaVox’s AGC delivers automated boarding announcements at departure gates, providing your passengers with clear, real-time information in a language they understand. Our departure gate announcement software takes information directly from the AODB and FIDS. AGC can use your existing PA or PABX system, including legacy systems, and is CUPPS compliant. It can also support your journey to becoming a silent airport.

``The system is very stable and meets our expectations. The handlers have recognized that the AviaVox system improves the quality of the audible announcements at our airport, and consequently reduces the number of missing passengers at the boarding gates.”
– Aeroportos de Madeira

The consistent voice of your brand

Your standard announcement set can be read in the same clear voices, in the same 35+ languages and dialects, in every airport where AviaVox is in use. This offers brand familiarity for your passengers around the world, improving their engagement and compliance.

Airlines and airports of any size

AGC is flexible enough to meet the needs of any size airline, and will help to streamline your operations. AviaVox systems are in use at many small local airports as well as leading airports around the world such as Heathrow, Schiphol, Milan, Melbourne, New Delhi and Doha.

The benefits for your airline

  • More efficient, less stressed gate agents
  • More satisfied, more compliant passengers
  • Higher throughput and faster boarding
  • Fewer complaints
  • Fewer late departures, leading to enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Lower operating costs
Airport boarding gate

If you’re NOT using AGC, you may face problems like these…

Delayed departures

  • Passenger compliance may be poor, and boarding throughput may be slow.
  • Regulatory compliance may be negatively affected, leading to fines.

Passenger dissatisfaction

  • Passengers may not understand live boarding announcements because staff may not speak confidently, or may make mistakes, or have strong accents because it’s not their first language.
  • Confused or anxious passengers may continually approach gate agents to ask for boarding information, or complain about the lack of information.

Problems with staff making live boarding calls

  • Staff have other priorities than making boarding announcements.
  • Lack of access to speakers who are proficient (and confident) in a wide range of languages and dialects.
  • Low-quality scripts with ineffective messages.
  • Staff are not well-trained in making announcements, or in using the PA system.

Inadequate technology

  • Pre-recorded announcements or text-to-speech (TTS).
  • The system may be outdated.
  • Boarding announcement quality may be poor – robotic, or clearly reassembled from different recordings.
  • The quality is dependent on the quality of the PA system speakers.

How does AGC work?

AGC departure gate announcement software automatically detects all the essential information about the departing aircraft at a particular gate. This includes the airline, destination, aircraft type, and the specific boarding procedures for that flight. Announcements are then loaded accordingly.

Dynamic text appears in the editor screens, adapted to the boarding announcements that are being made for that specific flight. The graphical interface is easy for agents to use, enabling them to adapt any announcement with the click of a mouse.

The system offers a step-by-step approach for guiding passengers, supporting a range of passenger types and frequent-flyer programs.

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