LiveCall – for live agent calls

Airport and airline agents often have to make unscheduled announcements, but for various reasons they don’t always do it well. LiveCall lets you record, automatically adjust, check and then broadcast announcements for maximum effectiveness.

Airports and airlines rely on our automatically generated announcements, but sometimes an operator or handling agent needs to make an ad hoc announcement.

For times like this, AviaVox offers LiveCall – which lets you make a quick recording on the fly and then automatically adjusts your announcement to the most appropriate output levels. This guarantees the audio quality and audibility, and ensures consistency with your automated announcements.

LiveCall is ideal for very specific announcements such as named individuals or special languages; last-minutes changes; and emergencies like lost children.

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The Benefits of Using LiveCall

Without LiveCall

  • Untrained staff aren’t always good at making announcements.
  • Agents may feel unconfident about making manual announcements.
  • They may be distracted by the situation or the demands of passengers.
  • The microphone may be held or used incorrectly.
  • Announcements may be the wrong speed, volume, pitch, and more.
  • Passengers may not notice, hear or understand the announcement.

With LiveCall

  • On-the-fly announcements become clear, controlled and consistent.
  • Highly specific calls can be made easily and effectively.
  • Announcements can now have the intended impact on passengers.
  • Passenger flow is improved, and difficult situations can be averted.
  • Emotion is removed from announcements, preventing passenger stress.
  • Agents can de-stress and focus on their core work.

How LiveCall works

  • Create a preliminary recording through a microphone.
  • Play back your recording.
  • Are you happy with it? If so, broadcast it immediately.
  • Think it could sound better? Let LiveCall work its magic.
  • Check again, or just broadcast straight away.
  • Choose whether to store the recording for use again in future.

Example Uses for LiveCall

Lost child – “This is a passenger announcement. Would Mr Takahashi please return to the SkyHigh Restaurant, where his child is waiting for him.”

Gate-specific announcements – “Due to overbooking, we are asking if any passengers are willing to take a later flight in exchange for a travel voucher worth $300. If so, please talk to your gate agents.”

Unsupported languages – “This is the final boarding call for Flight 321 to Baku. Would all members of the Azerbaijani soccer team please proceed to gate 3 immediately.”

Want to Know More About LiveCall?

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