FlexiVox – The off-airport option

FlexiVox lets airports and airlines deliver dynamic audio files, in real time, in places that aren’t directly connected to their PA system. This includes shuttle buses and remote check-in locations. If you thought off-site announcements would be too expensive to consider, consider FlexiVox.

Connect anywhere to anywhere

Now you can deliver audio files in real time to locations that aren’t directly connected to the airport’s PA system – delivering any kind of passenger announcement, wherever people need to hear it. The solution is so flexible, it can connect virtually anywhere to virtually anywhere.

Given the worldwide trend for check-in processes away from the airport, and for airports to increasingly become part of the surrounding infrastructure, there are huge advantages for airports that can make announcements at remote locations such as railway stations and remote check-in locations.

The incredible flexibility of FlexiVox means there are countless applications. You could provide live flight updates, transfer directions or advertisements on airport apron shuttle buses, or the transport between terminals and parking lots.

You can deliver health and safety announcements, advice, warnings, and the latest flight information. You can even tell people that their hamburger is ready for collection.

Subway tunnel with lights

Connect Your Airport’s PA To Transport And Other Systems

Example passenger announcement locations

  • Airport apron buses
  • Shuttle buses
  • People-movers
  • Parking infrastructure, including off-airport
  • Remote check-in locations
  • Train, subway, bus and cruise terminals
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Large open-plan areas such as theme parks
  • Campus-based businesses and education

The Benefits of FlexiVox

  • Optimises passenger flow off-airport as well as within the terminal building
  • Passenger stress is reduced when they get up-to-date information ahead of time
  • Ideal for departure information, passenger engagement, advertising, and safety/security announcements
  • Passenger announcements can be in all of our 35+ supported languages
  • Annoucements can be pre-recorded or live
  • Works in almost any technical set-up, including legacy PA architectures
  • Highly secure

FlexiVox – Technical Information

Option 1: Standalone

Your client software receives digital audio data from the FlexiVox server, and takes care of distributing the audio files.

Option 2: Integrated with AviaVox ATEC

AviaVox applications are responsible for generating and distributing the audio files to the integrated PA system. These are triggered by either a central database, your workstations, or a third-party trigger which uses FlexiVox.

  • Uses standard TCP socket connections; AviaVox is the server, your unit is the client
  • Cloud-based FlexiVox server is remotely administrated and always up to date
  • Integrates with the AODB
  • Can integrate with the FIDS and BIDS
  • Supports all common audio file formats
  • Includes secure authentication of all message requests
  • Supports automated announcement triggering (including third-party triggers)

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