Silent Airports – white paper

A ‘silent’ airport can keep passengers better-informed while helping airports boost revenue, achieve compliance, and operate more efficiently. Our FREE white paper explains why and how you should become a silent airport.

What is a Silent Airport?

A silent airport policy means making smarter, highly targeted passenger announcements so that passengers aren’t overwhelmed. As a result, passengers believe that there are far fewer announcements. The goal is to calm the ambience, de-stress passengers, improve passenger flow, reduce complaints, and maintain safety. There are now silent airports all over the world.

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We Can Show You The Way

Airport PA announcements often go unheard or ignored, usually because passengers are too stressed to process them when surrounded by competing loud noises. A smarter approach is needed, and that’s where the silent airport comes in.

An effective silent airport isn’t really silent; instead, it uses fewer, smarter announcements. And as the world’s leading provider of intelligent automated passenger announcement software, we’re perfectly placed to explore the benefits of going silent – for passengers, for airport/airline employees, and for the airport as a business.

What’s In Our Silent Airports White Paper?

  • Why the terminal soundscape is a poor acoustic environment
  • How passengers deal with noise in airports
  • The vicious cycle of announcements and stress
  • The announcement legacy – who should be responsible for passengers’ knowledge?
  • What are the benefits of a silent airport?
  • How many silent airports are there?
  • What about visually or hearing-impaired passengers?
  • When is a silent airport not a silent airport?
  • Checklist: How to implement a silent airport policy.

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