FIDS Export

If you’re using AviaVox to generate your passenger announcements, FIDS Export will display the exact text of those PA calls on your flight information display system (FIDS).

Passenger Announcements Display As Text

FIDS Export enables any AviaVox passenger announcement, which is broadcast over the PA system, to appear as text on your FIDS screens as a rolling bar.

Airport terminal gate displays (300px)

This service can be used by airport or airline agents for any type of announcement:

  • Flight information such as delays, preboarding, or departure gate changes.
  • Safety and security information.
  • Urgent messages for specific passengers, such as lost children.
  • Special announcements and offers.

This service is particularly useful for passengers who:

  • have hearing impairments or conditions such as tinnitus. (AviaVox already supports loop systems, but FIDS Export offers an alternative, an add-on, or a fall-back position in case of failure.)
  • are wearing headphones, either to pass the time or because they are retreating from airport noise.
  • have conditions which make it difficult to deal with PA announcements (such as autism, or decreased sound tolerance in the form of misophonia or hyperacusis).
  • are distracted from hearing the PA announcement – perhaps because they were in conversation or dealing with children.

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