Announcement Scripts

Thanks to our extensive experience working with airports and airlines, we can help you develop just the right scripts for your passengers – concise, clear, and designed to immediately achieve the correct passenger understanding or action.

Most aviation passengers are in a state of heightened stress, even the frequent flyers. There’s a lot to remember, they worry about missed flights and gate changes, and there’s too much going on around them – including constant noise.

It can be very easy for passengers not to notice announcements, or not to hear them properly; the announcement may not be in their own language, for example. Or they may be on their phone. It’s also well known that a lot of passengers simply tune them out.

But announcements matter. That’s why, when you do make them (and even silent airports need to make announcements) you need them to achieve the desired result.

We’re happy to work with you on your scripts – offering you the benefit of our experience and best practice gathered from working with airports and airlines around the world.

New And Legacy Scripts

Airports and airlines both tend to have a store of existing passenger announcement scripts, called their ‘book’. We can take existing books and use them to generate announcements in all of our supported languages. We can also work with you to refine/define new announcements. This helps to ensure clarity and consistency across all announcement types and all areas of the terminal – and even around the world.

For Airports

  • We can work with each airport’s own announcement policy.
  • Thousands of scripts can be created, for every eventuality – including dynamically created announcements such as changes to departure gates, as well as static announcements such as security and social distancing.
  • There’s no need to get anything translated, and we can work all common file formats.
  • Each airline within the airport can also have its own bespoke scripts; for example; for use at departure gates.
  • For occasions without scripts, we offer LiveCall.

For Airlines

  • We can create customised script books for any airline (as we have for KLM, Lufthansa, EasyJet and Ryanair, for example).
  • Using a single announcement script worldwide will deliver a high level of consistency, quality and recognition.
  • By becoming familiar with your ‘voices’ around the world, and more attentive to them, passengers become increasingly compliant.
  • Any changes to an airline’s standard scripts can instantly be pushed to all AviaVox-enabled airports around the world, for an immediate update.
  • For occasions without scripts, we offer LiveCall.

Talk To Us About Your Passenger Announcement Scripts

Eef Versteegen

Feel free to reach out to Eef to discuss language development and support.