Airport Terminal Client (ATeC) – in the terminal

AviaVox ATeC is the world’s most advanced automated passenger announcement system, delivering high-quality, consistent PA calls across the whole airport in 35+ languages and dialects.

Discover the world’s most advanced automated passenger announcement system

AviaVox is the gold standard passenger announcement software for airports. You’ll hear our clear, consistent PA calls in over 35 languages in airports around the world. AviaVox is now the partner of choice at airports ranging in capacity from 100,000 to over 100 million passengers per year, including Heathrow, Schiphol, New Deli and Doha.

ATeC enables you to fully automate your PA system across your entire airport. This delivers an enhanced passenger experience, improved operational efficiency, better regulatory compliance, and even increased revenues. And you’ll find it a big help if you’re implementing a silent airport policy, and other industry aspirations such as self-boarding gates and ‘one ID’.

Gold standard passenger announcement software

“Based on our experience, we recommend that every airport in the world seriously considers the services of AviaVox.”
– Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Improve passenger compliance and flow

ATeC is designed for use throughout the airport terminal, generating a wide range of highly audible passenger announcements, both ‘canned’ and dynamic. These include boarding calls; delays, gate changes and cancellations; and safety and security calls. Together, they swiftly and safely guide the passenger through the airport to the gate. This de-stresses passengers and provides a positive overall experience.

Tell the right passengers, at the right time, in the right place

AviaVox ATeC helps to ensure that only relevant announcements are broadcast in certain airport zones and at certain times. So if crowding is detected in Security Zone A, an announcement can automatically be triggered to invite passengers to begin using Security Zone B. Or, in queues ahead of a flight to Moscow, safety and security announcements in Russian can be prioritised.

Integrate with your existing PA system

AviaVox integrates with all existing PA solutions, including hard-contact interfaces to obsolete systems. AviaVox has certified digital interfaces with many PA suppliers, including Bosch, AV-Digital, Honeywell and TOA – and is happy to develop bespoke interfaces.

Helps to maximise airport revenue

Hearing the right information gives passengers confidence. Those who might previously have been ‘gate huggers’ will have more time on their hands – and are more likely to linger in the retail and hospitality zones. And still make their gate on time.

Flight information display system in international airport

“Some of the biggest concerns are passenger anxiety, behaviour and compliance. Our landside and airside systems can deliver canned and dynamic announcements which ensure that passengers know exactly what to do – whether that’s maintaining social distancing, going to a different gate, or commencing boarding in a strict order. This also releases agents to support the passenger experience, rather than being tied to a microphone.”
– Johan Godin, CEO of AviaVox, the leading provider of intelligent artificial voice systems for airports and airlines

The benefits of AviaVox ATeC

  • Optimizes passenger flow and help to ensure on-time departures.
  • Ensures your PA calls are always right up-to-date, based on live flight data.
  • Improves passenger safety, confidence, compliance and spend – while reducing stress and complaints.
  • Relieves the pressure on staff at information desks and gates, releasing them for more important work.
  • Guarantees perfect grammar and pronunciation in over 35 languages and dialects.
  • Broadcasts both ‘canned’ and dynamic passenger announcements.
  • You can adapt ATeC to your own airport’s announcement policy, scripts and business rules.
  • You can scale ATeC up or down to flex with your changing needs.
  • Pricing is subscription-based – which means opex, not capex.
  • You can use ATeC independently or in combination with other AviaVox systems.

How does ATeC passenger announcement system work?

Airport systems integration

  • Integrates with your existing public address (PA) hardware
  • Integrates with your AODB
  • Can integrate with your flight information display system (FIDS)
  • Can integrate with your baggage information display system (BIDS)
  • Can also integrate with your mobile apps, information kiosks and telephony switches (PABX)
  • Integrates with other AviaVox services for departure gates, off-airport locations, and live, ad hoc PA calls
  • Find out more about integration

Superb audibility and comprehension

AviaVox ATeC is the ideal automated flight announcement and passenger announcement system for your airport. It seamlessly synthesizes passenger announcements, using fragments of recorded speech in each supported language. These are then spliced together to create PA calls which are indistinguishable from live human voices.


Over 8,500 unique announcements can be generated in each language, more than covering the daily requirements of most airports.

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