Implementation of Airline-Gate-Client at Milano Malpensa


The Airline-Gate-Client system supports the local announcements in the restricted area of a boarding gate, and is used by Airlines and handling agencies during boarding procedures. The software holds a huge amount of tailor-made boarding announcements for airlines, and is connected to the airport’s Interface Brokers or AODB. The system is set up for a step-by-step approach to guide the passenger through the gate to board the aircraft, and has a proven boarding efficiency improvement rate of up to 20%.

When an airline agent opens the application, the software will automatically detect all the essential information of the departing aircraft at that specific gate. In other words: it will recognize the airline, the destination, the aircraft type and the specific boarding procedures belonging to that flight. The graphical Interface is easy to use for the agent, and adaptions according to the specifics of the flight can be carried out by a simple mouse click.




Implementation of Airline-Gate-Client at Milano Malpensa
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