Making travelling easy


Making travelling easy and relaxed is the goal of every airport, and helping airports to do so has always been the main focus of AviaVox Artificial Voice Systems. For over two decades now, natural announcements with the unique AviaVox phoneme technology have been sounding at airports all over the world in a multitude of languages, helping passengers to find their way.

But the world of airports is rapidly changing. Today's passenger expects a more personal approach and an integrated information flow, in which up-to-date flight information is only one of the many services.

Without any compromises to its focus on superior quality artificial voice announcements, AviaVox is proud to announce a widening of its service package towards an integrated information flow. From the moment a passenger arrives at the airport until he is aboard the aircraft, AviaVox can satisfy his need for information with an integrated app that can combine personalized flight information with positioning and wayfinding, and virtually any other information service that the airport wishes to offer.

With indoor wayfinding and positioning, the airport can approach passengers on a personal level. By responding to a visitor's location, it can assist passengers in finding the right stores. By making use of data such as current waiting times at security checkpoints and other locations, passengers can be informed how to use their time most effectively. And what’s more, passengers do not have to search for their favorite store, but are provided with the fastest route through the app. As a result, passengers are more relaxed and satisfied, and at the same time have more time to visit shops and restaurants.

By making use of its profound knowledge of languages and the huge phoneme data base it has built up over the years, AviaVox is able to offer this service not only in English, but in various other languages as well. This makes the app very attractive for non-English passengers.

Do you wish to see a live demonstration of this latest AviaVox feature? Than you can visit AviaVox at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Stockholm from 20-22 March 2018 at stand 1304.

Making travelling easy
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