AviaVox is a leading provider of Intelligent Artificial Voice Systems for Airports and Airlines.
The company has developed a phoneme technology with which a remarkably high level of guaranteed natural speech in many languages can be generated.
The quality is unique in the world and cannot be distinguished from a human voice.

We persist in our commitment to implement cutting-edge technology innovations.
Our goal is to achieve uncompromising products of the highest available quality that assist in increasing the customer experience at the airport, listening to announcements with a high intelligibility.


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Birmingham, United Kingdom


Doha, Qatar

Passenger Terminal EXPO 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands

NAIS - National Aviation Infrastructure Show

Moscow, Russia


Singapore, Singapore

British-Irish Airports EXPO

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Implementation of Airline-Gate-Client at Brussels Zaventhem

Brussels Zaventhem airport currently is implementing the Airline-Gate-Client option. This concerns the second phase of the implementation of the AviaVox systems and will enable Airlines to support the boarding process with automatic announcements in multiple languages.

AviaVox at London Heathrow Terminal 2

The new prestigious terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport has implemented the Intelligent Automatic Announcement System of AviaVox. This is now the third terminal at the airport that is using the State-of-the-Art technology of AviaVox.

AviaVox showcasing at Airport Show Dubai

After a couple of successful joint-participation, AviaVox will be present again at the Airport Show Dubai coming 11-13 May. Since the Airport Show is the most important event to showcase new developments in the Middle East region, AviaVox will be present in Dubai at the ARINC stand.

Awarded contract for Melbourne Airport

AviaVox has been awarded the contract to deliver its Generic System and Airline-Gate-Client® to Melbourne Airport, Terminal 2. In a phased approach, both systems will be deployed together with business partner CNGSystems from Melbourne. The project is planned to be delivered by the end of August 2014 already.

Aviavox - Passenger Terminal World

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About Us

AviaVox develops Intelligent Automatic Announcement Systems for Airlines and Airports. Ever since we started in 1995 we have worked closely with airports of all sizes, making us a global expert in our field. We use the day-to-day experiences of our customers to continuously improve the functionality of our system.

Because of our thorough knowledge of the operations at airlines and airports, many countries have standardized to the AviaVox System as it significantly increases passenger flows and customer experience.

On the picture on the left you will find the AviaVox key staff.


Marjoleine van Leeuwen
Marjoleine van Leeuwen

Marjoleine van Leeuwen

Executive Secretary

Text Export

Text Export

All the announcements that are made within the airport, can be exported in multiple languages to the FIDS-screens. In order to be as effective as possible, the text will be eliminated and will only show the essential information. This all is in line with the revised regulations for Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 "ADA", published by the Department of Justice in the USA.

Text Export


AviaVox has developed a flight-information-tool -the AVIX-System- that enables passenger to easily and quickly retrieve the latest status of their flight through mobile phones or landlines. By dialing into the AVIX-System an automatic answering device will raise only a few questions to the listener. The input will be handled by a very clever algorithm and within less than a few seconds the latest information will be made audible to the listener. In due course this application also will be made accessible through an App.



Generic System

The Generic System initially has been designed for an Airport and generates flight related announcements such as boarding calls, delays, gate changes and non-flight information, e.g. safety and security calls. Once a passenger has set foot at the airport, these announcements all have the purpose to swiftly and safely guide a passenger at the airport once he set foot at the airport.

Within its kind, more than 3.500 different kinds of announcements can be generated for every each different language. This by far covers the daily requirements for the majority of airports. AviaVox prepares individual announcement books per airport that reflect the announcement policies per airport.

The generic system can be used either separately or with all other systems combinations of AviaVox, such as the Airline-Gate-Client.

Generic System


AviaVox entirely focuses in developing intelligent automatic announcement systems and services for Airports and Airlines. This is our core business. The systems and services can either be used separately or combined, because the topology is modular designed.

Whatever combination is used, the application of the customer is leading how a system is being used, thus making it as effective as possible. The software-platform enables AviaVox to tweak and tune the parameters such that it entirely meets the expectations and requirements of the customer, whether it is an airport, airline or combined.

Throughout the years, AviaVox has developed specialized knowledge of the airport- and airline operations and has tailor-made its systems and services towards the capability to integrate with the existing airport systems and operations.


Airline Gate client

Airline Gate client

The Airline-Gate-Client software can be used by an Airline to support the boarding process at the gate with automatic dynamic announcements. It is an extremely powerful software tool that can be fully tailor-made for the individual Airline. In this way the boarding announcements can be generated in line with specific phase of the boarding procedures.

The Airline-Gate-Client is certified by system integrators like SITA, ARINC, RESA, UFIS, ULTRA ELECTRONICS and many more and runs on existing CUTE/MUSE/ CUPPS platforms without the need to invest in additional hardware.

The Airline-Gate-Client can generate more than 1.8 trillion different kinds of announcements thus meeting the requirements of all the airlines. It can be used separately or in combination with all other systems of AviaVox, such as the Generic System.

Airline Gate client


The VOX-out-of-a-BOX is specifically designed for small- and medium-sized airports that have a need for an automatic announcement system. This solution is very attractive priced by using the main benefits of the Generic System, supporting a set of 7 languages. Principally this is a stand-alone solution in order to keep the costs on a reduced level.

The VOX-out-of-a-BOX. Solution can be upgraded at any time to a full functional Generic System, with all the benefits including full inter-operational connectivity to the AVIX-Systems and Airline-Gate-Client and full support of all the available languages.

This solution is also ideal for small- and medium sized airports that have an ambitious growing plan and yet want to control the operational- and investment costs in the very beginning of their existence.




AviaVox is in the process of developing a series of mobile applications for airports, airlines and handling agencies. These series will be working on tablets and mobile phones with iOS and Android system software.

The first stage involves a mobile application for iPads, allowing an authorized airline or handling agent to generate automatic announcements from any place at the airport. In the second stage another series will be launched meeting all sorts of customer expectations and requirements, once they set foot at the airport.


Live Voice Recording

In case an operator or handling agent unexpectedly needs to make a live announcement, then AviaVox has a very handy tool that allows for an immediate recording through a microphone prior for broadcasting. Intelligent software will automatically leveraged this prerecording to the correct output volume levels, so that the quality is controlled in a way.

Live Voice Recording



AviaVox systems make use of the existing infrastructure at the airport, such as the Airport Operational Database (AODB), the Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) and the Public Address Systems (PA).

In order to be able to interface with the PA-Systems AviaVox has developed the AVX-8. This device is connected to the LAN of the Airport and directly connects to the PA-System, despite the brand or type the airport or airline is using. The interface can either be based on “hard-contacts” or preferably a digital connection.

AviaVox has a rich experience in connecting to all sorts of AODB’s, even they are proprietary. Most common interfaces are those to SITA, ARINC, RESA, UFIS, ULTRA ELECTRONICS and many more. AviaVox went through homologation programs with these system integrators and has official certifications.



The AviaVox systems are far more than just an intelligent automatic announcement system. Actually the systems integrate with the Airport Operational Database (AODB), the Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) and the PA-Systems (PA). But also other structural components of the infrastructure are being used like the Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi), the Local Area Networks (LAN), telephony switches (PABX) and the Internet.

Furthermore, AviaVox has carefully studied the operations of both Airports and Airlines over many years and has embedded all sort of useful tools and functionalities, thus taking best practice of all these environments. An AviaVox system fully integrates with Airport and Airline Systems and takes part of the daily operations to support a maximum of efficiency.




AviaVox is a leading provider of Intelligent Artificial Voice Systems for Airports and Airlines. The company has developed a phoneme technology with which a remarkably high level of guaranteed natural speech in many languages can be generated. The quality is unique in the world and cannot be distinguished from a human voice.

We persist in our commitment to implement cutting-edge technology innovations. Our goal is to achieve uncompromising products of the highest available quality that assist in increasing the customer experience at the airport, listening to announcement with a high intelligibility.



AviaVox has developed a phoneme-technology that delivers a superior quality over systems that are based on pre-recordings or Text-To-Speech (TTS). Phonemes are very small digital speech fragments that together can form a word. One word may be built from multiple digital speech fragments (phonemes), in order to get everything right; the intonation, articulation, speed and bridging between other words.

On one hand, the AviaVox Systems hold artificial intelligence that controls the construction of words and grammar. And on the other hand, this System Software uses a huge voice-base with independent phonemes in order to ultimately generate multilingual sentences (announcements) that cannot be distinguished from a human native speaker.

AviaVox makes a computer speak as if it was a living human being!




The topology of the AviaVox has been modularly designed to meet the individual operational requirements of airlines and airports. This capability allows the customer to expand or moderate the installed systems to remain adoptive to the ever changing operational requirements at the airport. This is a very important feature, especially when the airport or airline has ambitious growing plans.

A small or medium-sized airport can start with a cost-effective VOX-out-of-a-BOX solution and migrate this initial set-up to upgrade the system to a Generic System and/or to add other functionalities, like the Airline-Gate-Client or AVIX.

An AviaVox systems can be changed like a chameleon; always the right solution at the right moment!


Announcement book

Announcement book

Both airports and airlines use announcement books for which there might be existing scripts. AviaVox usually follow these announcement books in a pre-defined structure which will result into a standard announcement book, either for the airport or the airline.

It speaks for itself that AviaVox also identically can use the scripts of both the airport and airline, although based on best practice AviaVox might make some recommendations. These specific announcement books are made for a number of airports and airlines, such KLM, Lufthansa, EasyJet and Ryanair.

If an Airline works with only one specific announcement book worldwide, he creates a high level of consistency, quality and recognition. If the airline forwards the latest changes to AviaVox, in less than a few moments these changes are being pushed forward to all those airports using an AviaVox System.

Announcement book

Content management

Content management is one of the most important disciplines within AviaVox in order to build a new and maintain existing languages in the system. The making and maintaining is a dynamic process between AviaVox and the customer, for everything we do must support the individual needs and requirements of a customer, either driven by operations or legislation.

AviaVox follows strict quality procedures to ensure that announcement made by the system are grammatically correct, without accents and they should also embed typical social aspects to make them sound human native natural. But there is more to it; all the announcement should be effective, assisting the passenger to follow the instructions.

In order to be able to manage and control this complicated environment in a proper way, AviaVox only works with educated skilled native speakers.

Content management

Content management


AviaVox continuously adds new languages to their systems. Basically, there are no limitations to the number that AviaVox can build in their systems, although it needs to be said that the driver for making new languages are the requirements at an airport or airline. Amongst the many languages that AviaVox can support, one will find for instance:

British-English, French, German, Dutch, Flemish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Polish, Russian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Egyptian Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Hindi, Mahrati, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean.

Any other language can be added.


Advisory Boards, Memberships & Partners

AviaVox has a rich network worldwide to be able to follow trends in the market and to keep up their knowledge. We participate in various organizations, such as the Netherlands Airport Technology Group (NAT) and have board memberships in the Netherlands Aerospace Group.

Also we take advice from advisory boards of large airports and airlines, thus understanding the changing environments so that we continuously can reevaluate our development programs to remain ahead of market developments.

On a worldwide basis AviaVox has local partnerships with agents and well respected companies in the airport and airline industry. This enables us as well to understand local requirements and legislation.

Please check our partners, memberships and advisory boards.



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ARC Data
Gentrack - Airport 20/20
Honeywell / AV Digital
India Aviation Consulting & Support
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Rockwell Collins
Ultra Electronics


Albatros Airport Database


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AviaVox is marktleider op het gebied van intelligente kunstmatige spraaksystemen voor luchthavens en luchtvaartmaatschappijen. Het bedrijf heeft een foneemtechnologie ontwikkeld waarmee op een hoog niveau natuurlijk klinkende spraak gegenereerd kan worden in een groot aantal talen. De kwaliteit van spraak die deze techniek genereert is wereldwijd uniek en kan niet onderscheiden worden van een menselijke stem.

Ter versterking van ons content-ontwikkelingsteam zijn wij op zoek naar een 


We zijn op zoek naar een collega (0,5 – 1 FTE) met een ontwikkeld taalgevoel en kennis van algemene grammatica, die een link kan leggen tussen grammatica en logica. Je beheerst de Nederlandse en Engelse taal op professioneel niveau. Daarnaast spreek je bij voorkeur meerdere (complexe) talen, bijvoorbeeld Arabisch. Je werkt nauwkeurig en volgens planning met deadlines. Je hebt goede computervaardigheden (PC) en je beheerst MS Excel op zakelijk niveau. Als je ervaring hebt met audio, is dat een pré. 

Een belangrijk onderdeel van de werkzaamheden is het programmeren van grammaticaregels van een specifieke taal. Hiervoor zul je vaardigheden moeten ontwikkelen die specifiek voor dit werk nodig zijn, buiten de taaldiscipline. Daarom is het ook van belang dat je leergierig bent en je je nieuwe informatie eigen kunt maken. 

In deze functie werk je nauw samen met mensen uit verschillende culturen. Een aantal van hen zal je rechtstreeks gaan aansturen. Goede communicatieve vaardigheden en cultureel aanpassingsvermogen zijn daarom belangrijk. 

Werkuren zijn semi-vast en gedeeltelijk zelf te bepalen. Ook zijn er uitgebreide mogelijkheden om thuis te werken. Ons kantoor is gevestigd in Hoofddorp, nabij Schiphol.

Wil je solliciteren? Stuur dan een e-mail met je CV en begeleidende brief voor de sluitingsdatum van 
16 oktober 2017 naar mw. Minke Lok via het volgende e-mailadres: minke.lok@aviavox.com. Ook kun je met haar contact opnemen voor aanvullende vragen over deze functie.

Vacature - Taal-coördinator

Front end web developer / interaction designer (40 hours / week)

Are you the creative mind that would like to work with us on creating innovative products such as web-applications and graphic designs, and are you able to bring us to a new level? Then we may well be looking for you!

Job description
As front end web developer / interaction designer you will strengthen our R&D team by developing new web applications and new graphic user interfaces for our existing systems, in line with a totally new style for which you will be largely responsible. You are well aware of the technical developments in this field, and you have a passion for technology in combination with creativity. Together with your team you will research and develop which type of content and functionality is needed, which you will subsequently design yourself. Furthermore you are able to bring added value on a short term by quickly mastering your duties, and staying informed about the newest developments and possibilities.

The job duties include:

  • Design new web applications and graphic interfaces for both mobile and desktop devices;
  • Create catchy designs with many dynamic elements;
  • Continuously improve content with own ideas and test results.

You have knowledge of:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript (OOP)
  • AJAX
  • XML / JSON
  • Responsive layout
  • Websockets
  • Realtime web
  • Web API / RESTful Web Services
  • Webapplication frameworks (such as Angular JS / Backbone.js / Ember.js)
  • Typed javascript supersets (such as Coffeescript and/or TypeScript)
  • Adobe CS

Your profile:

  • At least a higher college degree in computer science (or comparable education);
  • A good oral and written command of Dutch and English;
  • An eye for detail and accuracy;
  • A creative mind with a good sense of design;
  • Independent with a high sense of responsibility;
  • Previous experience in a similar position is a plus.

We offer:
We offer an interesting job within a dynamic organization, which offers you many opportunities and is market leader in the field of Voice Systems. The job is diverse, with lots of space for personal input and execution. Against your qualities, efforts, expertise and achievements we put excellent conditions and in first instance a temporary contract.

Questions or apply directly?
For questions about this vacancy you can contact Mr. Johan Godin at 020-3160110. Do you wish to apply for this job? Then please send your resume and motivation to wilma.keus@aviavox.com before September 30th, 2016.

Vacancies - Front end web developer / interaction designer

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